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Exhaust hood and duct systems that cover appliances, that produce grease laden vapors shall meet the requirements of a type I hood. Generally these hoods must be accompanied with a UL 300 automatic fire extinguishing system, to properly protect the duct, hood plenum (area above grease filters), and appliances from potentially nasty grease fires. Type I hoods generally require a permit to be obtained for installation by the local authority having jurisdiction.

Technicians in our company have received special training and have years of hands on experience in the installation of these hood systems.

Code requirements in NFPA 96 and the mechanical code have become drastically more stringent over the past decade. Typical examples are the proper use of make up air that shall be interlocked to exhaust fans, leakage test for all liquid tight welds, proper cfm and fpm fan calculations.

Our company gives extreme attention to designing these exhaust systems so results of installations come out perfect.

Code Fact: All hoods that are greater than 12 ft shall have a minimum 2 exhaust outlets.