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Portable Fire Extinguishers are deemed as devices used as first line of defense against fires. There are several types of portable extinguishers which are, ABC dry chemical (most typical used), BC, class D used for metallic fires, and class K rated portable extinguishers. FCP technicians have been trained by referencing NFPA 10 (standard for portable fire extinguishers) and licensed thru various municipalities.

Different types of extinguishers require different maintenance and hydrotest intervals. Servicing an extinguisher is required on an annual basis by a qualified company. An ABC and BC dry chemical extinguishers is required to have an internal examination of the cylinder every 6 years and be hydro tested every 12 years from date of manufacture. A K rated extinguisher used in cooking media are required to be hydro tested every 5 years. A CO2 and Pressurized Water extinguisher also receives a 5 year hydrotest. Our technicians carefully examine each extinguisher they service to make sure they are in proper test period. These extinguishers listed are the most commonly found.